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Wedding Planning & Pricing your Services Part 1

Last year I did a series of pricing videos as part of our Wedding Wednesday Reports and they have become some of the most watched videos of that series.  It seems you guys can’t get enough information about pricing your services.  As our focus this month is pricing, business and budgeting, it seemed the perfect […]


Continued Education and the success of your Wedding Business

Today we have a video highlighting the importance of ‘your’ continued education as a wedding professional.  The video is presented by Australian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning Director Kylie Carlson.  Continued education could include taking our WedBizPro Masterclass or the Accredited Special Event Design Master featuring a hands on intensive workshop.  It could also include attending Seminars […]

Wedding Planner Pricing

Are You Charging Enough as a Wedding Planner

It is very easy as a brand new wedding planner to fall into the trap of undercutting other planners in your area and underselling your services. My biggest piece of advice to you here is DON’T DO IT. Start off as you mean to carry on. If you undervalue your services, offer to much for […]

Blush Meets Rose Gold by Bree Howell - AAWEP Student

Spring Wedding Inspiration Board

Throughout August the focus of the Australian Academy Blog, has been ‘tools for your wedding business’.  If you click on ‘latest news’ from the tab above you will be able to go back through all of the posts we have written for you and those that have been written by contributors, including our Advisory Board […]


Using Evernote as a Wedding Planner

Evernote is by all accounts a very handy tool for business and life in general, so a month long discussion about ‘tools’ for your wedding business, would not be complete without it.  Problem is; I don’t use it – yet! I love the idea of Evernote, but never seem to get around to downloading it; […]